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NetBet Casino: Now that’s What I Call a Happy Hour

Think “Happy Hour” and, depending on your experience, you’ll probably think one of the following things: 2-for-1 cocktails, after-work antics with colleagues or just a cheap way to get… well… happy!

Whether you’re into sipping Sangrias at a cool city hang-out, or sinking a few cold ones at your local Weatherspoon’s, Happy Hour means heady Friday nights, good times and, most importantly, leaving the stresses of the working week behind you.

The phrase Happy Hour may have been adopted by the marketing world as a way to advertise drinks promotions and discounts, but it is believed that its roots go way back – all the way back to early 20th century prohibition-era US.

The nationwide ban on all alcohol consumption lasted from 1920-1933. During this time “speakeasy “bars (elicit establishments selling alcohol) would host pre-dinner cocktails, where those thirsty for a tipple would go before dining out (alcohol was banned in all restaurants).

Not much has changed since those times (besides the ban, of course): when the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday afternoon, city workers still descend in their droves to nearby pubs, bars and clubs to let off some serious steam and start the weekend.

London-dwellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to Happy Hour, with an endless variety of weird and wonderful Happy Hour themes lasting from Friday-Sunday, not to mention some mid-week offers, across the city. From sipping cocktails out of teacups in Camden to enjoying “Frapas” – pairing French food with wine – in Farringdon, Happy Hour is big business.

But as we all know too well, pre-dinner partying doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned; drinks discounts might seem like a great idea at 6pm, but four dirty martinis and an empty stomach in and you might be thinking twice.

If you want to round off the week on a high, and avoid the post-party blues, why not try a different kind of Happy Hour?

If the thought of packed-out sweaty bars, long queues, and potentially awkward Monday morning meetings after a raucous night with colleagues, puts you off going out then why not stay in, grab a takeaway, put your feet up, play some games and earn some money at the same time?

NetBet has the answer with its fabulous promotion Friday Happy Hour.

Every Friday between 9pm and midnight, you can earn money just for playing your favourite games online.

Taking part is easy. All you have to do is register on NetBet, make a deposit and you’ll instantly earn a whopping 50% bonus of up to £50.

Take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Whether you’re a slot, card game or dice enthusiast, a first-timer or a veteran gamer, we guarantee you’ll love your Friday nights even more now… after all, staying in is the new going out.

Words by Georgina Barnard