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Beach Baby or Adrenaline Junkie? Win Your Dream Holiday with NetBet!

In true Brit fashion, summer 2017 appears to have come and gone in the blink of an eye.

Last month, Londoners were donning shorts and shades and scrambling for an inch of park space on their lunchbreak as temperatures reached Bahamas levels – now we’re embroiled in umbrella wars, battling torrential downpours on the way to work. For want of a better word, it’s been a washout.

If you’re stuck behind your desk staring at spreadsheets but dreaming of sunnier climes and poolside Pina Coladas, you’re most definitely not alone. But here’s the real question: If you could spin the globe and choose your ultimate holiday destination right now, where would it be?

You’ve probably never thought about it but your holiday choice says a lot about your personality. Researchers call this “person-environment-fit”, which means different personality types are drawn to different environments.

So, whether your suitcase generally contains little more than a pair of flipflops, a beach towel and some sun lotion, or is loaded with hiking boots, road maps and a copy of Lonely Planet, your holiday pick reveals a lot about who you are.

Choose which holiday-type best describes you to learn more:

Beach Bunny:

If holidays to you mean fun and sunshine (extra marks if you got the Wham reference), and you’re happy to spend your days lounging on the beach, topping up your tan, sinking cocktails, sleeping till late and partying all night, you’re probably an extrovert. You relish socialising and people are naturally drawn to you. if there’s a party on, you’re the first one there.

Mountain Mad:

If the idea of rotating like a rotisserie chicken for 7 hours a day on a beach sounds like your idea of hell and you’d much prefer a more secluded lakeside spot, then you’re more likely to be an introvert. You love tranquil retreats that promote relaxation and introspection, and are generally to be found either with a book in your hand or your head in the clouds.

Adventure Addict

If your bucket list features sky-diving, snowboarding and offshore powerboat racing, you’re an adrenaline junkie! Not one to waste a day, you make the most of every second and never shy away from a new challenge.

If you’re edging for an escape but your budget’s looking more Clacton-on-Sea than Caribbean isles, and you can’t quite face any more low-cost airline antics, head to NetBet and check out the Players Club Holiday Special.

As part of this spectacular promotion, NetBet is making your dream a reality by allowing you to choose your own holiday destination! All you have to do is register, join our Players Club and you’ll be one step closer to the pool – or those mystical mountains. Take your pick, play one of two sizzling slot selections: Beachylicious or adventurAAAAw and you’ll automatically earn tickets to the prize draw. And here’s a little tip while we’re at it – if you play both selections, you’ll double your chances of winning.

And we’ve got even more good news for you – as a member of the Players Club, you’ll also earn double NetPoints when you bet on Double Ticket games. The more points you collect, the more rewards you’ll reap. Find out about the amazing advantages of being part of our Players Club here.

The promotion is running from 3rd July to 1st September and includes return flights and hotel stay for two – so what are you waiting for? Get spinning now. We can almost feel the sand between your toes… happy holidays!

Words by Georgina Barnard