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SEGA Slots: The Hottest Retrogaming News to Hit in 2018.

With the launch of SEGA Slots, all of us here at NetBet are wondering what this means for the future of nostalgic slot games.

The world of app gaming had a great new development in January with the launch of SEGA Slots, a free-to-play slot game, with all your favourite video game characters. Join up with the classic, blue hedgehog in Sonic Slots to help rescue his friends in a Vegas style slot game and unlock other SEGA titles such as Super Monkey Ball, Shinobi and Golden Axe with new titles added all the time.

So, what does this game launch mean for online gambling? If history is anything to go by, then it could be said that collaborations with online casinos are in the future. Back when it started in the 40s and through until the early 60s, SEGA produced a wide range of one-arm-bandit style slot machines which were sold widely throughout American and Japan. Once video arcades and home consoles became widespread, all our favourite characters were created to keep up with technological advances. This new slot app, while moving forward with SEGA’s games and characters, is also a return to its roots, bringing the past and present together. Perhaps online casinos can hope to hear from SEGA soon with a real money game.

If all this talk of your favourite SEGA games has given you retro heartache, why not check out NetBet’s selection of games from Atari?

There’s Black Widow, a slot based on the arcade game from the 80s where players defended a spider’s web from invading bugs. Today, all the characters have had an upgrade from their vintage vector graphics and are now rendered in 3-D with military costumes. They all have their own pay symbols which fall on 25 paylines while the Black Widow stands guard. Trigger the Seek and Destroy bonus feature and you’ll get to experience a taste of the original gameplay by identifying attacking bugs and taking them out to win prize multipliers.

If you remember taking out UFOs in the 1979 Atari game, then you’ll enjoy NetBet’s own slot version of Asteroids. The original spaceships and asteroids fly around behind a colourful slot table with sleek, new designs on their pay symbols. This time, you want to see as many spaceships and asteroids you can, as they are the key to winning big prizes and triggering the Free Games Mode where the pay symbols are represented in glowing blue lines as they appeared in the original arcade game.

Slot machines from other gaming companies have made the smooth transition from the arcade to the online casino, so, with their new app launched, maybe we can expect to hear more from SEGA in the future. It would certainly be exciting to see Sonic the Hedgehog racing along his own reels at NetBet sometime soon.


Words by Rebecca Wood