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NetBet’s leading ladies are celebrating International Women’s Day just as much as you are.

Play slots with some of our best loved female characters on this international day of recognition.

On International Women’s Day, it’s time for the ladies to burst through the last barriers keeping them from being heard and respected in the online casino industry. It’s also a day to celebrate the women who have succeeded in this world and how they mark the change women everywhere need to see.

It’s a commonly held belief that online casinos are frequented mostly by men, and its not hard to see why when you look at how casinos are portrayed in the media. Most of the ‘high rollers’ you see on TV and Film are poker-faced men in very expensive suits flanked by several toughs. Even looking at TV adverts for online casinos, most of the players are men while most women we see are either beautiful croupiers or relegated to sexy background decorations. This blogger also noticed that if a casino wanted to aim their product at ‘real people’, then the few women were suddenly wearing marigolds and doing the washing up as they gambled (or looking on as their husband made the big wins!). If this industry wants to be seen as promoting equality, then its image is certainly in need of a makeover.

But behind the scenes, we are further down the road to parity than what our TV screens might suggest, as many women are employed in the online casino business. Women are hosting live tables, developing slot games and writing website content with some even holding top positions. The directorship of Bet365 is held by Denise Coates CBE, a woman who has been with the company since its founding and is a key player in its huge success. Today she is not only the highest paid boss in the online casino industry, but the whole of the U.K.

From great female bosses to great female winners, there have been a rise in women claiming big prizes in tournaments in recent years. The most famous is Victoria Coren-Mitchell who is well-known for being the first woman to win an event in the European Poker Tour in 2006 and her wins have only been stacking up since then. As well as playing, she has often hosted televised events as a commentator or presenter and has written a memoir about her poker career. In 2016, she was inaugurated into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

For the rest of us, there are other ways to mark this great day on NetBet like playing on one of these slots with strong female leads…

In Amazon’s Battle these great warriors are all ready for the fight complete with war paint and their weapon of choice. Spin with these strong women and find your next win with battle-axe scatters and rearing horse wilds, both of which substitute for all the Amazon and tiger symbols on the paytable. Land at least 7 scatters and you will trigger at least 7 Free Spins! Every winning combination gives you the opportunity to gamble your winnings by predicting whether a red or black card will be dealt from a deck, with correct guesses rewarding you by doubling your pot. If you love having the chance to win some seriously big prizes, then there is the possibility of triggering 1 of 4 jackpots during the mystery bonus by selecting 3 matching suits from 12 cards.

From mistresses of the Amazon to a queen of mythical beings, spin with Dragon Lady (link: today to keep on playing with strong NetBet women. The Dragon Lady is a very rewarding wild who substitutes for all other symbols which are represented by a glowing treasure chest, a ruby encrusted book, crossed swords and a crystal ball. If she takes up the entire reel, she’ll trigger the respin feature where it is possible to spin her symbols again and increase your chances of a higher win. There’s also the glowing scatter symbols, which triggers Free Spins when you land them on reels 1 and 5. Any winning combination comes with the chance to gamble and double your prize if you correctly guess the colour of a drawn card.

And then, to prove that size is no indication of a woman’s strength, Little Red will see you helping the classic fairy tale character to her granny’s house when you spin. Symbols represented by Red, the Wolf and Granny will bring the biggest wins while a basket, a butterfly, a bed, false teeth, a pie, a bunch of flowers and a wood axe all have lower values. While you spin and win from these great symbols, you help Red across a stream to Granny’s by finding logs in order from reels 1-5. Once she’s safe on the opposite bank you can enjoy the Into The Woods bonus where you select the path that will take her to safety while avoiding the Wolf. But don’t worry about her if he finds her before Granny’s, she fends for herself with a trusty baseball bat and you will still win all your instant prizes. If you reach Granny’s, you’ll trigger the Free Spins bonus where you try to unveil the Wolf.

So, show these women some love this International Women’s Day and see if it’s your day to win big. After all Lady Luck has been hanging around casinos for many years now, it’s about time we hear what she has to say.