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Game Review of the Week: Legend Of Loki

Legend of Loki

We continue our tour through the many Viking-themed slots on NetBet Casino with a look at Legend Of Loki, from iSoftBet. With his gold and green outfit and the curving horns of his helmet, this incarnation of the Norse God of Mischief seems to be based more along the lines of the Marvel movies rather than the ancient sagas of the Vikings. But that’s fine, the comic version has a history almost as long and rich as the myth.

Movie Mischief

Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the God of Mischief has been one of the high points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU as it’s known). He was cast by Kenneth Branagh, known primarily for his forays into Shakespearian films and plays. Hiddleston has a similar stage-heavy background and his performance added gravitas and dignity to what could have ended up a very cartoony villain indeed.

Loki made his first appearance in the sixth issue of the ‘Venus’ comic book, long before Thor’s flowing blonde locks were ever drawn. The character properly joined the Marvel world in 1962 in a comic entitled ‘Journey Into Mystery’, where he faced Thor for the first time. He has been one of the company’s classic and most enduring villains. He has taken over Asgard several times, and as foreseen by Ragnarok, been directly responsible for its destruction. As well as his half-brother, Loki has fought just about every other superhero on the roster, including Captain America and Spiderman. He has even run for President in a miniseries called ‘Vote Loki’, but eventually loses when his lies and manipulation are uncovered by the media. Imagine that.

Reels of Ragnarok

The game itself takes place in what appears to be a very un-Scandinavian desert (perhaps it is one of the other nine realms). Joining Loki’s grinning visage on the reels are Odin, Thor and either Odin’s wife Freya or Sif, Norse Goddess of the Earth (it’s not clear which). For the Wilds, the game uses the untamed power of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir and for the Scatter symbols, a golden ring infused with some sort of green magic. Clearly, this is one of Loki’s tricks.

Being the God of Mischief means that things often happen completely at random, and this holds true for the game. For example, if he’s feeling generous, Loki might use his sceptre to add a number of sticky wilds to your spin for that turn. He’s also famed for his petulance and his childish outbursts, so if things don’t go his way – say, for example, you lose – then he’ll unleash a Storm Shower down upon your reels and transform the symbols into something a little more to his liking. Of course, the other gods that feature as symbols are not without power. If you manage to line up three characters on reel 1, then this will launch the Stacked Respins feature, where every spin gives that deity another chance to add an image of their face to the reels. All of this happens to one of the most epic soundtracks ever to appear on NetBet!