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Game Review of the Week: Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

The dark backstreets of London rarely look welcoming, but you might be willing to brave these treacherous cobblestones for a vast fortune behind one of two doors. In Holmes and the Stolen Stones, the hunt for these pilfered jewels is just the start of your adventure when you take your first spin.

At first you are playing alongside Holmes and Watson to find clues. These two are not quite like you remember them from the books or acclaimed TV series. This Sherlock is in his shirt sleeves, showing off an impressive set of tattoos and Watson is a well-groomed assistant ready to inspect you over the top of his glasses. There are symbols represented by a leather-bound book, a magnifying glass, and the two detectives that are hot on the case. Soon everything will start falling into place.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

A mystery to unravel

When your client came to Holmes, he had the whole of London to search for the missing gems. Now he’s narrowed it down to one street with two mysterious doors. It’s up to you to find clues to open them and see what lies behind.

As a detective, you are trying to find the precious loot that has been stolen by your client and that can be done a number of ways. You could find shards of the missing stones to try and complete a whole diamond encrusted key that will unlock a golden door. Or you could spin three of the bonus symbols to see what’s behind a heavy, bolted door. Both of these will have the answers to all the questions, and the solution to the mystery is at your fingertips.


Bonuses to keep you winning

Free Spins are just one of the features on offer with the opportunity to ransack a warehouse for more treasures. Spin three of the bonus symbols and you’ll be able to unbolt the heavy warehouse door and start opening boxes. There’s bags of coins and diamond shards to be found, but if you open a box with a smoke bomb… the round is over, and you have to stop searching.

So, you’ve done everything correctly, found the right clues, you’ll be onto one of two bonus rounds. One of these is the Free Spins mode which you can trigger by spinning three of special symbols or by collecting five diamond shards of the same colour to find a key. Once you’re behind the golden door, you’ll be inside a house packed with valuable art. Now it’s time to find five diamonds of the same colour to win a huge jackpot! With the mystery solved you deserve such a generous award.