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The Funniest Gambling Moments on TV

From a blowout Vegas vacation to some pals who would bet on two flies running up a wall, gambling makes for sitcom gold.


The Office- ‘I found a potato’

How do you pass the time during a slow day at the office? Come up with crazy bets among your co-workers. Here’s a fine example of a bet you wouldn’t be able to make at any casino.


The Big Bang Theory- ‘It’s for science’

Sheldon needs to raise funds for his scientific endeavours and so far selling his lunch for $5,000 has not worked. Raj was not 100% serious when he suggested that he try going to Las Vegas but Sheldon sets off nonetheless. Armed with just a notebook and hours to kill, the roulette wheel maybe lucrative. Maybe.


Parks and Recreation- The Wamapoke Casino commercial

If there is a casino in Pawnee, Indiana, it’s going to be on an Indian reservation. This is an episode where the Parks and Rec department come into conflict with the Wamapoke tribal leader, Ken Hotate. The main plot has little to do with gambling, but you do get to see Ken’s TV spot for his casino. It’s worth a mention on this list for that last line alone.


The Simpsons- ‘Dealer bust!’

Who thought it would be a good idea to give Homer Simpson a job as a Blackjack dealer?


Fresh Prince- ‘Go Will! Go Will!’

In the episode that gave us THAT dance routine, Will and Carlton were on a roll in Las Vegas. They started out at the craps table but then it’s time for the raffle. There’s $1,000 up for grabs, but Will might have to work to cut the strings attached.


Friends- ‘I’m your hand twin!’

‘The One in Vegas’ and the ‘The One After Vegas’ are always going to be iconic episodes for Friends fans. Monica and Chandler almost got married. Ross and Rachel actually got married. It was a whirlwind of drama with consequences that lasted the whole of the next season. But when it comes to actual belly laughs, you need to be following what the other two Friends are getting up to in Vegas.