6 Things You Forgot Happened In Football In 2018/19

Amidst all the moments of high drama and professional achievement in the high-stakes world of international football, there are often all sorts of little moments that understandably get overlooked or forgotten. Luckily, we’re here to document absolutely everything that goes on, big or small. Here are six odd, significant, or just downright bizarre moments that happened in football last year that you might just have forgotten about.

          1. Milad Hohammadi’s bizarre forward-roll throw

            A truly bizarre occurance. During a match between Spain and Iran – no pressure, it was only a W. Cup game with minutes left for Iran to catch up – Milad Hohammadi chose to do a forward roll before seemingly thinking better of it and walking forward normally to chuck the ball back onto the pitch. What on earth was he thinking?

          2. Clive Tyldesley’s chant

            A rather strange moment came during a match when ITV’s senior football commentator suddenly started reciting a chant. Yaya Toure, Yaya Toure! Maybe he’d been at the sauce…

          3. Santi Cazorla’s smoke box

            A moment that was fairly hard to believe, but actually happened – making quite an entrance, Santi Cazorla appeared for Villarreal from inside a smoke-filled capsule in August 2018. Well, at least it’s more interesting than just walking out on to the pitch.

          4. Bristol Rovers Played Babestation During Half-Time

            While many stadiums like to broadcast entertainment for their visitors during half time, Bristol Rovers took the rather unusual step of tuning all of the TV screens in their stadium into adult channel Babestation during half-time during a match against Crawley. While they maintain it was an accident, there’s every chance it was done to draw a bigger crowd in next time.

          5. Riley McGree’s Spectacular Goal

            A truly stunning, high-impact kick sent the ball soaring across the pitch to land in the goal. You can hear from the astonished reaction of the commentator just how unexpected this was. The goal received a nomination for FIFA’s prestigious Puskas Award but didn’t even make the top three – McGree was robbed.

          6. The Worst Penalty In History

        No matter how badly you’ve messed up, it’s hard to think of a mis-fire worse than this one. Midfielder José Ribeiro (Dodo to most) took a penalty that should have been child’s play – and sent the ball flying off to the side. Ouch! It’s almost painful to watch. Not a great moment, that’s for sure…