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What is a Round Robin Bet?

In our continuing series of betting explanations, today we’re taking a look at Round Robin bets. Where does the name come from, exactly? Surely, it’s something to do with birdwatching? Actually, it has nothing to do with birds at all. The term “round robin” is a corruption of the French phrase “ruban rond”, meaning “round ribbon”. The story goes that government ministers signing any petitions of concern would place their names on ribbons and attach them to the petitions in a circle, in order to make it obscure who signed first. Later on, this practice was also used in the royal navy by officers.

Never heard of it?

Round Robin bets are relatively uncommon in the UK, but are very similar to a type of betting known as a Lucky 15. This works in almost the same way, in which 15 individual bets are made, consisting of 4 selections in different events. This will include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a single four-fold bet. If only one of these selection wins, the returns will be paid at treble the odds to compensate for the losses on the others. In the rare event that all four of the selections manage to win, the overall winnings will be increased by 20%. The most common sports in the UK which offer Lucky 15 bets are horse and greyhound racing.

How does a Round Robin Bet work?

In gambling terms, a Round Robin bet is a 3 selection wager, which consists of 7 combined bets of (three singles, three doubles, and one accumulator). A popular choice, but not one for beginners, this a complicated way to gamble, but it’s less messy than it sounds – one winning selection (so all three singles, all three doubles, or the accumulator) will guarantee you a return – and the potential payoffs can be huge.

It can be a good option if you’re flexible with your budget. If you feel like making more than one bet but you’re not confident that they’ll all win, a Round Robin “hedging” bet might be good for you as it allows you to cover all various publishers. You can bet on up to six different teams, with different ways on each team, so the variety offered by these sorts of bets can be very attractive if you’re not sure how an event will play out. If you often find yourself losing money on bets, round robin bets might be worth looking into.