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Types of Casino Players – Which Online Gambler Are You?

Professional casino players

Online casinos are huge. Gamblers from all over the world are now using their mobile, desktop, or tablet to play their favourite casino game from wherever you want. Generally speaking, online casino players fall into one of six categories – the high rollers, the professional gamblers, the beginners, the audience, the casual players, and the players club. So, which are you? In this article, we explore the types of online casino players in more detail to help you understand where you fit on the scale.

The High Rollers Players

First up we’ve got the high rollers. This type of casino player consistently wagers large amounts of cash, almost as if they’ve got money to burn. Often, high rollers receive lavish rewards from casinos to thank them for their custom and encourage them to keep playing. Obviously, the exact “comps” will vary from casino to casino, but top-class brick and mortar venues have been known to offer limousine use, free private jet transfers and use of the establishment’s best suites. Many online casinos also reward high rollers, but this is typically in the form of free betting credit rather than physical objects. No set amount of money puts a gambler in the “high roller” category, but typically they spend tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds a month. Some have been known to splash over £200,000 in a single visit!

The Professional Gamblers

Next are the professional gamblers. These online casino players don’t just make pocket money from online gambling, they actually make a living! Unlike high rollers, professionals control the time they spend gambling and keep an eye on their pot. They also have the patience to wait for the best bet, instead of letting emotion rule their choices.

You’ll know a professional when you see them as they’ll ooze skill and experience. In many ways, professional online casino players are similar to veterans. They’re experienced players who certainly know what they’re doing. However, there’s one major difference – professional online casino players heavily rely on the money they make from gambling. It’s typically their main source of income, not just a hobby. If you want to be considered a professional in any career, at least 60 percent of your income should come from it. This means that if you’re gambling to pay your mortgage, utility bills and other outgoings, you’re probably a professional gambler.

The Beginners

Next on the list of online casino players are the beginners. This category is pretty much what it says on the tin – newbies to online gambling. As they’re new to betting, these people usually aren’t too sure what’s going on, but they like to play it cool. They try to appear savvy in the main games but wait until the last minute to place their bet after asking multiple questions in the live chat. Unfortunately for their opponents, beginners’ luck is a real thing. Despite being new to gambling, beginners seem to win way more often than they should – they spend the majority of the game seeming confused, then sneakily place a bet at the last second and score the jackpot.

The Audience

Next are the audience. These type of online casino players do not actively participate in the game; instead, they sit on the side lines and watch others. They may pop up from time to time in the live chat, congratulating players for decent wins or just to have a chat. Sometimes, these online casino players eventually progress to the beginner or casual player status, but some remain onlookers indefinitely.

beginners casino players

Casual/Vacationer Player

Casual casino players are one of the most common types. A casual or vacationer player will use an online casino from time to time, spending an average amount of money on blackjack or slots before logging off for the night. They may also play online with their friends, sticking to straightforward games like video slots, simple table games, and fantasy football. For casual online casino players, winning is not the main objective. Instead, they are interested in meeting new people, spending time with their mates and simply having a good time.

Players Club

Finally, you’ve got the players club. Most online casinos have a VIP club for regular gamblers that rewards them for their continued custom. At NetBet, we’ve got the NetBet club. We believe that loyalty should be rewarded and therefore make it our priority to ensure our regular players receive the first-class treatment they deserve.

Anybody can sign up to the NetBet Club Players and start earning points as you play. Points can be collected by placing real money bets on your favourite games. There are seven levels to the NetBet club – bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, stellar and elite. The more games you play, the further you move up the ladder. For instance, if you play 30 real money spins on a slot at £10 each and 13 Blackjack £10 real bet, you’ll be upgraded from the Bronze membership to the Gold. If you reach Elite status, you can enjoy 4.5 times as many points for all real money bets and receive 45 Free NetPoints for each 10 accumulated.

So, there you have it – the types of casino gamblers. Want to check out the personalities for yourself? We have a wide variety of standard and live casino games on offer, including slots, roulette, and blackjack, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you.