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Common Slot Machine Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

slot machine myths

When it comes to online gambling, many myths and misconceptions are floating about. While some of these have an element of truth, the majority of them couldn’t be any further from it – particularly when it comes to slots machines. If you believe all the slot machine myths you hear, you can end up making poor decisions about money management and making the pastime far less enjoyable than it could be. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’re going to explore some of the common slot machine myths that you shouldn’t believe to help you make better gambling choices.

Some days are better than others

The first thing on the list of slot machine myths is that some days are better than others. Obviously, some days will be better than others when it comes to your profit, but that’s purely luck-based. There’s no evidence to suggest that you can win more on a slot machine by playing it on a certain day. To understand why this myth is untrue, you first need to understand how a slot machine works. Every machine is powered by a Random Number Generator, or an RNG, which keeps the results of the game totally random. From the moment you open the slot, the RNG starts cycling through numbers for each reel. The RNG stops on a sequence of numbers when you hit spin, and that sequence determines the outcome. With this in mind, it would be impossible for some days to be better than others.

Higher jackpot, higher chance of winning

Next up we’ve got ‘higher jackpot, higher chance of winning’, which is one of the most common slot machine myths out there. This myth is actually similar to the one above and can be easily debunked once you understand the RNG. As we mentioned before, the RNG is constantly choosing random numbers for each reel whether someone is playing the game or not. This means that when you win, the timing when you hit spin coincided with the moment the RNG selected a winning combination. The jackpot makes absolutely no difference to your chance of winning – whether or not you win is determined solely by the RNG.

Online slots will rip you off

Next on the list of slot machine myths we’ve got ‘online slots will rip you off’. Some gamblers wrongly assume that online slot machines are rigged and programmed to swipe your hard-earned cash. Thankfully, this isn’t true. Just like physical slots, online slot machines are powered by a random number generator that keeps the results totally random. If you’re still feeling unsure about online slots, there’s another thing to prove that they don’t rip you off – the online gambling regulations. If the casino you’re using is licensed, the slots which it offers have to random and fair. The games are tested frequently, and any issues will result in the casino losing its license. So, as long as you do your research and only play at reputable casinos, you can rest assured that everything is fair and above board.

The payout’s better at other casinos

When talking about slot machine myths, this is another thing that often crops up. As you’ve probably guessed, it isn’t true – payouts aren’t better at some casinos than others. The payouts of a slot are determined by the developers, so the casino has absolutely no say in it. This means that you’ll have the same winning opportunity regardless of where you choose to play the slot. If you’re not convinced, check for yourself! The available payouts are detailed in the ‘info’ section of a slot machine, allowing players to easily check the potential before getting stuck in.

You can cheat or hack software

Next up on the list of slot machine myths is ‘you can cheat or hack software’. This might seem farfetched to some, but there are people out there who believe this is possible. Of course, it isn’t, and it’s just another one of the common slot machine myths. People have tried to cheat using magnets, electronic cards, or with coins that have nonstandard weight, but nothing will increase your chances of winning. Instead, you’ll end up losing more money purchasing this equipment than you would on playing, and if you get caught you could receive a lifetime ban from the casino.

Slots myths and facts

The temperature of the coins

The temperature of the coins is another one of the myths about slots. Supposedly, you can trick a slot into a hitting a jackpot by playing with a warm coin. However, other people believe that an ice-cold coin is the answer to winning big. In reality, neither of these strategies are true, and your chances of winning are the same regardless of the coin temperature. In fact, most physical slot machines don’t even use coins anymore! Instead, you play using chips and vouchers that can be exchanged for cash before you head home.

Slot machines pay out less when you’re winning

The final myth on the list of slot machines myths is that slot machines payout less when you’re winning. Supposedly, a slot machine switches to a new “mode” once you have achieved a certain number of wins in a row, or when you’ve won a certain amount of money. There are a few reasons why this is undoubtedly nothing more than a myth; first, slot machines are regulated. For an online or physical casino to keep their license, they are not allowed to cheat or rig the games in any way, which throws this idea out of the window. Secondly, if this was common practice, gamblers would catch on and alter their play patterns accordingly or refrain from using slots altogether.

Taking note of these casino slots myths and understanding the truth about slot machines will prevent you from making poor decisions in the casino. Want to try out slot machines for yourself?  NetBet is a safe and fully regulated online casino with a range of standard and live casino games including slots, blackjack, and roulette.