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NetBet UK Shortlisted for Responsible Gambling Award

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NetBet UK is one of just five operators to have been shortlisted for the Gambling Compliance Awards, which is the biggest UK award in this field, and has a prestigious position among regulatory bodies and the wider gaming community.

The Responsible Approach to Gambling prize is awarded to the operator that shows the most commitment to customer welfare. This means educating people about the risks and providing tools for players to self-manage their behaviour when playing online.

Since launching in 2004, NetBet Casino has steadily built a reputation for positioning customer wellbeing as their top priority, developing responsible gambling tools to help them enjoy our products safely.


Pioneering Safer Gambling

In 2019, NetBet made a bold step forward and a first for online casinos when they launched a series of in-house workshops and special events dedicated to educating, explaining and promoting useful methods for managing online gambling behaviour.

During these workshops, we hosted talks by ex-problem gamblers and industry experts who helped explain directly to consumers how to recognise the signs and potential harms of problem gambling. Attendees were invited to hear first-hand about the experiences of their fellow gamblers, how problems may have developed for them personally and how they took back control.

Our customers were invited to join these events free of charge, and we promoted them with particular attention to higher risk customers who tend to be more vulnerable to the issues discussed. The events were shared with regulators across Europe with the aim of spreading awareness and encouraging other operators to rethink their current responsible gambling policies.

This pioneering venture proved popular with our clients and marks the beginning of a shift that we hope will inspire other online casino operators to re-evaluate the way they promote and bring about responsible gambling in their own customers.

Rather than rely on self-limiting tools alone, we chose to actively talk about the issue and use our platform to speak transparently about the realities of problem gambling and the best ways to avoid and deal with it.

And we’ve already seen the positive effects of these events: there has been a dramatic increase in the number of customers using our safer gambling tools here at NetBet Casino, which include setting time and bet limits, and using our exclusive time-out tool.


A Safer Future for Casino Players

The feedback for these events has been very positive, with many customers telling us that it opened their eyes and that they shared the information with their friends and colleagues. We have also had positive feedback from regulators, who have commended this new direct approach to promoting responsible gambling practices.

After getting such a great response, we are planning more of these events for the future. By arranging these responsible gambling talks, we risked our relationship with customers and potentially our revenue too, but we feel this is a small price to pay to promote a safer gambling environment for everyone.

The NetBet UK vision has always been and will always be to deliver an online casino experience that is safe, customer-centric and above all, entertaining.