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Casino RTP – What Is Return To Player?

RTP in casinos

Casino RTP, or Return to Player, is a term used by online casinos to describe the percentage of stakes paid back to players over time. Of course, this percentage is an average, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you win that percentage back whenever you play. Below, we explore casino RTP in more detail and discuss exactly what is it, how to calculate RTP percentage, RTP in slot machines, and general considerations. Keep reading for more info!

What does RTP mean?

First of all, let’s explore what casino RTP actually means. As we touched upon above, Return to Player is a term used to explain the amount of money, on average, that a casino game pays back to its payers. The RTP is shown as a percentage and is calculated from gameplay over a period of time – not just a single game. Essentially, Return to Player is the opposite of ‘house edge’, which is the advantage the casino has in any of its games.

Where do I find the Return to Player value?

It shouldn’t be too hard to find the casino RTP for any slot offered by an online casino. The information has to be displayed by law, so it shouldn’t be hidden anywhere. Some are easier to find than others, but you can usually find the casino RTP in the ‘help’ section of the game.

How do you calculate RTP?

So, how is casino RTP calculated? In theory, the formula is relatively simple: divide the total amount returned to players by the total amount gambled by players. However, the RTP on online slots can be misleading as it doesn’t show how often you can expect to win.

In table games like Blackjack, you know you’re likely to win around half the bets you place. However, things aren’t as straightforward with slots. As they can payout huge jackpots, slot machines often pay out less frequently than table games. However, when worked out over a period of time, the end result will always be the same – a return of slightly less than the overall turnover.

While the casino RTP of blackjack is easy to work out, other table games can be slightly harder as they depend on the strategy a player uses. For instance, Craps has a variety of different bets that can be placed where the RTP ranges from poor to excellent, and there’s also a lot of skill involved. When using a proven strategy, the RTP can skyrocket to over 99%, but new players with little to no skill can drive their own RTP down.

RTP in slot machines

If you’re a keen slots player, you’re probably interested in the casino RTP of slot machines. Interestingly, the RTP is most relevant to slots as you can gamble your money far quicker than you can with table games. The higher the RTP, the more play you’ll get for your money and the more you’ll win back, in theory. Because of this, the casino RTP should be considered before choosing which slot machine to play. As there are so many online slots available, developers have made the RTP particularly generous in recent years to encourage players to play their game, rather than a game from another developer.

Slots RTP

Today, the average casino RTP for a slot is 96%. There are some which offer more and others which offer less, but 96% is bang on the industry average. Slots with a high casino RTP are sometimes excluded from new player bonuses and re-load bonuses, so it’s worth checking this before getting stuck in.

When it comes to slots, the RTP isn’t actually the be-all and end-all, as you also need to consider the variance. Generally, slots fall into one of two categories: low variance and high variance. With low variance slots, there is little chance of losing your money quickly, so your bankroll ‘varies’ very little. Low variance slots typically pay out small prizes fairly frequently.

High variance slots are the opposite of low variance. Instead of offering small payouts frequently, they tend to pay out less often but when they do, the prizes are a lot bigger. Typically, high variance slots have a lower casino RTP, but many high rollers are happy to swallow this to chase a life-changing win.


When looking at casino RTP, there are a couple of things to consider:


As mentioned above, it’s worth considering whether a slot is low or high variance before deciding whether the RTP is worth it or not. High variance machines typically have lower RTPs but offer a higher chance of winning big, whereas low variance slots have a higher RTP but pay out smaller wins more frequently.

Compensated machines

Slot machines can either be compensated or random in terms of RTP. Compensated machines vary the chance of winning based on the outcome from previous play. For instance, if the machine hasn’t paid out for the last few games, you may have a higher chance of winning so that the machine can meet its target casino RTP.

Random machines

Random slot machines rely on statistical probabilities to achieve their target casino RTP. With random machines, the odds of winning remain constant and are not affected by the previous play. In this case, you are just as likely to win three times in a row as you are to lose three times in a row – the results are totally random! Today, most slot machines are random.

So, there you have it – RTP explained. Before deciding which casino game to play, consider the RTP, and use this guide to help you make an informed decision. When you’re ready to choose a game, you can visit NetBet casino and play a wide range of slots, blackjack variants, and table games.