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How to Play Darts: What you Need to Know

how to play darts explanation

Want to take up darts but don’t know where to start? Fear not! We’re here to help. The best thing about darts is their simplicity – after all, anyone can pick up a dart and throw it at the board. However, knowing how to play darts properly will increase your chances of actually winning. Here at NetBet casino, we will explain how to play darts in more detail. Keep reading!

What you Need to Play Darts

Dartboard – The dartboard is one of the two most important items in darts. All dart games rely on a dartboard because this is what players throw the darts at to score points. You can get dartboards made from different materials including rubber, paper, bristle and plastic, so there’s an option out there to suit everybody. The type of board you choose depends on who is playing the game and how experienced they are. Paper dartboards are great if you want a disposable option, while rubber and bristle boards are ideal for regular players. Plastic dartboards are generally reserved for children.

Darts – most dartboards come with their own compatible darts. For instance, if you purchase a plastic dartboard, it will come with soft-tipped darts. But if you go with a bristle dartboard, it will have steel-tipped darts instead. The darts are thrown at the dartboard to score points. If you’re unhappy with the darts your board comes with, you can purchase new darts online or at any good sports shop.

Backboard – a backboard is placed behind the dartboard to protect the wall from damage. If you’re playing with soft-tipped darts, you don’t need to worry about this as the darts will not damage the wall. As steel-tipped darts are sharp, they can easily mark, dent, or puncture the wall if you miss the dartboard.

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Dart Mat – a dart mat is put on the floor in front of the dartboard. It serves two purposes when playing the game. First, it will protect the floor against damage whenever you throw a dart and it bounces off the board. This is particularly important for players with wooden or vinyl floor. Second, most dart mats have a throwing line printed on them. This shows you exactly how far to stand from the board when throwing the dart. This is important if you’re trying to follow the professional rules.

Dart case – If you plan to play darts in different locations, you’ll need a case to carry your darts in. Dart cases are designed to hold the darts in place and prevent them from getting damaged during transit. The case also prevents the tips from accidentally hurting you or somebody else as you carry them around.

Dart sharpener – You’ll need a dart sharpener if you’re playing with steel-tipped darts regularly. When used regularly, the steel-tips start to lose their sharpness and bounce off the board instead of penetrating it. A sharpener will keep the tips sharp so that you can easily puncture them into your dartboard.

If you want to play darts for yourself but you don’t have all that you need, here at NetBet it’s now possible. You can play darts online and compete against other players from your desktop or mobile. Give a chance to our Rush Darts Live game and learn more how to play darts.

How to Play Darts –  Rules & Numbers

The rules of darts are simple. A throw consists of throwing three darts at the board unless the game is won in fewer. Darts are thrown from a clearly marked throw line on the floor or the dart mat. If the darts bounce or fall off the board, the points don’t count. Only darts on the board at the end of the throw are counted in the points. If a player scores more than their remaining points total, their turn ends and is scored 0.

Each player starts the game with 501 points. To win, a player must reach zero by hitting a double or a bull. Doing so will win the first leg of the set. The first player to win three legs wins the game.

Points are scored by throwing darts at the board. Each player throws three darts per turn. The maximum score per turn is 180, which can be achieved by hitting three treble 20s. The board is split into numbered sections which can be doubled by hitting the outer ring. The outer bull is worth 25 points and the bull is worth 50.

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For the best chance of hitting your desired spot on the board, positioning is important. There are four common ways to stand while playing darts:

• Best foot forward
• Front-facing dart stance
• Angled
• Side on

Standing in the right position is important, particularly if you’re hoping to play darts professionally. If you’re playing down the local pub, you might not be too worried about following the official distances and dimensions, but it’s important for those training to become a pro.

The official rules state that the dartboard should be hung so that the centre of the bullseye is set at 1.73 meters from the ground. The board should be hung on a level wall to prevent variants in the surface level affecting the distance.

When the board is securely in place, measure 2.36 meters from the face of the board. This is the official distance for the line Oche line when playing with steel-tipped darts. When all this is done correctly, the distance between the bullseyes and the Oche line should be 2.93 meters.

So, there you have it – how to play darts, but if you would like to play more casino games, we have a wide range of slots and live casino games to explore at NetBet.