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Games by their very nature are meant to be fun and entertaining. It is against this background that first and foremost, for any game to be considered a great proposition, it has to pass the exciting and entertaining test. If offering great excitement and entertainment, then the game is destined for success. However, while the excitement and entertainment factor is crucial to the success of a game, there are also other factors which can aid the success and popularity of a game. One such factor is the educative factor.

In recent times, game developers have realized that a high number of players aren’t only interested in playing exciting and entertaining games but they now show a penchant for playing games that are also educative. As such, in developing and designing games, game developers in recent times ensure that all the games that they release will have one or more educative elements which help broaden the body of knowledge of the players that play it. Against this background, different game developers do employ all sorts of stuff when designing games one of which includes adding some historical elements/references. One of the most referenced historical elements is that of the ancient civilization in South America, that is, the Aztec civilization.

In centuries gone by, the Aztec empire in South America was dominant across the whole continent something which we can now equate to the dominance of the USA across the entire American continent. To preserve their history, the Aztec empire used all sorts of methods which include stone paintings, crafting handy tools and artifacts most of which include face masks and erecting structures constructed using unique Aztec architecture. Playing looking to play online slots that are exciting, entertaining and educative particularly when it comes to the Aztec empire won’t go wrong when they settle at NetBet Casino. This necessitated by the fact that inside our online casino lobby, players will find a whole host of Aztec themed slots.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

While the history of the Aztec empire as relayed in various historical pieces certainly does play a huge part in attracting visitors to South America, there is also a ‘myth’ which helps in making South America a destination of choice for most people especially the adventurous. The myth is known as the lost city of El Dorado.  According to this myth, in days gone by during the time of the Aztec Empire, there was a popular city known as El Dorado in South Central America. This city was known to be blessed with a multiplicity of gold deposits hence others refer to it as the city of gold. Unfortunately, the city of gold did disappear from the face of the earth leaving many explorers and adventurers to take a trip to South Central America in the hope of finding answers to the question of its disappearance. One such explorer who undertook such as adventure is Gonzo.

When the player starts spinning the reels of this online slot machine, they get to accompany Gonzo on his quest to find answers as to the disappearance of the city of El Dorado. As Gonzo is highly generous, all those that choose to accompany him ought to expect loads of goodies and freebies once Gonzo is successful in his quest.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways has proved to be highly popular ever since its release. This has largely been necessitated by its simplicity. When playing the game, players simply have to hit the Spin button to get the action going. Once the reels start spinning, there isn’t much in terms of bonus features that will take them away from the reel action. This essentially makes the slot a great proposition for all players including the beginner players with little to zero gaming experience!

Aloha Cluster Pays

Aloha Cluster Pays is a 6-reel online slot game that comes from the Net Entertainment stable. When playing this game, players are taken on a virtual trip to South America. Where exactly will you land once you are transported to South America? Well, you find yourself relaxing at a pool side as you watch a volcano erupting in a distance. However, it’s not just the blue waters and the erupting volcano that you will get to see once you are over in South America as you also get the chance to come up close with some Aztec designed face masks and artifacts. As such, once your virtual trip to South America comes to an end, you won’t only return back home fulfilled following a blissful trip but you will also return home with your body of knowledge broadened as you will have learnt a thing or two about the Aztec civilization.

As players can deduce from the title of this slot machine, Aloha Cluster Pays does use the Cluster Pays mechanic. What this means is that instead of scooping some wins when you land identical symbols on the same payline, you are only able to lay your hands on some excellent game rewards when you land some identical symbols clustered in one place both horizontally and vertically. Always remember, the bigger the cluster the bigger the payout.

Aloha Party

The history left behind by the Aztec Empire engrained in stone paintings, hand crafted face masks and other artifacts do play a significant part in attracting thousands of visitors to South America every year. However, it’s important to note that the land of the now vanished Aztec people was and still is very rich and attractive. As such, on its own, the land does play a huge part in attracting hordes of tourists.

When players start a gaming session playing the EGT powered Aloha Party slot game, they are virtually transported to South America. Once over there, they find themselves right in the middle of a party that’s taking place just a few meters away from the ocean shore. Not to be left behind, the player can just go with the flow and start sipping some expensive tropical cocktails while dancing to some electric music. However, it’s not all fun and games when over there as players have the opportunity to learn a thing or two about the people who used to live in this part of the world in years gone by, that is, the Aztec Empire.

When it comes to the gameplay experience, players ought to know that game rules and instructions of the slot are pretty easy to understand and master hence making the slot a great proposition both to pro players as well as the beginner players. Apart from base game play, players can only enjoy a solitary bonus round which comes in the form of the free spins feature. All it takes to activate this feature is to land three drum scatters and 12 free spins will come the player’s way. The free spins round comes integrated with a progressive multiplier that rises with each win landed.

Honorable Mentions in the popular Aztec themed slots Portfolio

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