How To Bet On Boxing

With the recent launch of DAZN in the UK, the Wasserman takeover of Team Sauerland, and traditional promoters like Matchroom and Queensberry putting on weekly big shows on TV & PPV, boxing has been having a resurgence on these shores lately. Fans love to get together over a weekend and watch the fights, and there is often betting involved. NetBet offers markets on fights from all of the major promotions such as Matchroom Boxing, Top Rank, Triller Fight Club, Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy, among others.

There are, in the modern day of professional boxing, four major sanctioning bodies: The World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Organization (WBO). All of the four major organisations recognize each other in their rankings and title unification rules.

From smaller undercard fights all the way to the big main events featuring the big stars like Tyson Fury, Billie Joe Saunders or Anthony Joshua, we offer odds over on the NetBet Boxing page. Betting on the sweet science is very different to football or other team sports, but quite similar to other one-on-one sports, like tennis. There are a number of markets you can bet on, such as fight winner, how they’ll win, how long the fight will go, how many rounds will be won by either fighter and how long a fight will last, as well as a host of other options. We also offer odds on fights that are expected to take place, such as the upcoming highly anticipated Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua matchup for the undisputed heavyweight title. Unlike a lot of major professional sports competitions like the US Open, F1 GP season, Premier League, NBA etc, boxing doesn’t have a set schedule. Fighters tend to sign on for their match-ups on an individual basis, generally just a few times a year, so you’ll have to be sure to keep educated on the fights taking place any given time.

Here are a few of the markets that we offer, and how you can maximise your profits from each one of them. NetBet wants to remind our users to gamble responsibly.

Moneyline Bet

This one is pretty simple. Which fighter do you think will win, or do you think there’ll be a draw? It’s the easiest bet you can make. Odds will be pretty short on this, particularly in boxing where promoters like to put on mismatch fights (especially lower down the card). This is the type of bet where if you’re knowledgeable about lesser-known fighters who can pull an upset, you could make big money. Take for example the first Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz fight, where the heavy underdog Ruiz was priced by some bookies as a 25/1 underdog, where a £10 bet would have made you a £250 profit. Earlier this year, Josh Warrington was beaten by unfancied Mauricio Lara, who some bookmakers were offering as wide as 65/1 odds on to win. If there’s a journeyman fighter who you’ve seen put in a strong performance elsewhere, you’re likely to find them at good odds, so we’d recommend taking a look at the record books for this market.

Round (or Over/Under) Betting

This is another very popular line for folks to bet on, although it is slightly more complex. Each boxing round takes 3 minutes, and there are multiple round betting options available. You can choose if the fight will go over or under an amount of rounds, for example: Fight to go over 3.5 rounds means that if you get past one minute and thirty seconds of the third round, you’ve won. It’s one of the only sports where the “.5” actually makes a difference, and every second counts here. There’s much better value in this bet than the standard ‘who wins’, because those lines tend to be very skewed.


Like with most other sports, betting on an accumulator is where you bet on the outcome of two or more matches on a single ticket. The only difference between an acca (sometimes known as a ‘parlay’) and a simple moneyline bet is that all the boxers you picked have to win in order for your wager to cash. NetBet are always offering different acca boosters and solid trebles, but that’s because you have to really know what you’re looking at. What can be great fun is putting together a weekend accumulator of all the different sports you could be watching, like football, rugby, MMA or F1. You can sit down to catch the tennis early, before heading to the pub for the football before coming home after the curfew with your mates to watch the late-night fights, all with a potential big win on the line. Check out our NetBet sport page to see all the games we offer bets on.

Method of Victory

In boxing, a fighter can win by Knockout/Technical Knockout/DQ or decision. Usually, it’s pretty obvious what the method of victory is going to be, like the Joshua-Ruiz rematch, where the general consensus was that AJ was going to win the points decision or Ruiz would land another knockout. However, there were big money odds on the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder rematch when the feeling was that Tyson would box his way to a points win, with Wilder expected to land the KO. Fury ended up shocking the world with a 7th round KO, which made bettors on that outcome quite a few quid.