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How to bet on Tennis

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic

Here at NetBet, we’ve got a whole load of great markets for sports betting, and we offer some of the best tennis odds around. We don’t just take bets on individual matches; we offer online betting on plenty of deeper markets on our UK betting site. If you want to place any sports bet, here’s a quick guide on how exactly you should go about it.

What is Tennis?

Tennis is a popular racket sport played individually or between teams. The goal of the sport is to hit a ball over a central net so that the opponent is unable to return it. The player who is unable to strike the ball back at the opponent loses a point. It is a fairly simple game that is played by people of all ages and in every society. 

Tennis is an Olympic sport as well and there are numerous tournaments, events and championships for professional athletes to play. The most notable events are the grand slams. Four of these are held every year and are considered the pinnacle of the sport.

History of Tennis

Tennis started out as a common recreational sport that millions played for the thrill and fun. The true origins of the spectator sport can be traced back to 12th century Northern France where the young King Louis X of France fancied a rough iteration of the sport by hand. By the 16th century, rackets were made and the sport was named “Tennis” from the French word “Tenez”, which translates to “Hold”. The tennis we all play and watch in the modern day evolved into this form in 1830 when the lawnmower was invented in Britain, leading to the inception of lawn tennis. 

In 1874, the first annual tennis tournament in the world took place in Birmingham at the Leamington Lawn Tennis Club. In the year 1880, the first American National Championship was held where O.E Woodhouse, an Englishman, won against I.F Hellmuth. Following these tournaments and their popularity, the oldest and most recognisable nationwide tennis organisation, the United States Tennis Association (known as the United States National Lawn Tennis Association at the time), was formed in 1881. The first US National Men’s Single Championship (now known as the US Open) was held in the same year, while the US National Women’s Single Championship took place in 1887. 

Tennis became a worldwide sport with the establishment of the International Lawn Tennis Federation in 1913 (currently known as the International Tennis Federation). The grand slam tournaments we know today made its debut in 1923, under the title of Official Championship. After that, more events were held in England, France, US and Australia.

Today, grand slam tournaments are considered the most valuable tennis events around the world. These tournaments are held on an annual basis, starting with the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and finally, the US Open. Other prestigious tournaments are the Olympic Games, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup and the Davis Cup.  

How do I bet on Tennis?

To bet on tennis, you need to be aware of the different betting markets. It is fairly simple to place a bet on a sportsbook site such as ours. However, it goes deeper than that. To make the right decision you must observe the odds and pick a strategy, but before any of that comes the bet types.

At NetBet, our main priority has always been to provide quality service to our customers and that includes offering attractive odds and a decent range of markets that cater to the preference and demands of different punters, regardless of whether they are newbies or veterans. Same goes with our Tennis section, where you can expect to find bet types that will boost your online sports betting experience to the max.

Below are some of the betting markets that you will come across while navigating our Tennis sports betting section:

  • Moneyline match betting – Moneyline bets are simple. You bet on the player you think will win the match. 
  • Spread or set betting – Oddsmakers instil limits on bets to even the field of the game, allowing bettors to wager on a player who they predict will win a straight set.
  • Tournament betting – Tournament betting in tennis involves wagering on a player that you believe will be the outright winner of a certain tournament such as the U.S Open.
  • Props – Betting on props refers to wagering on which player will win a specific game in any given set.
  • Live betting – In-play betting allows you to wager on an ongoing event as it plays out. Wager on the match-winner, winner of a set or the winner of a game in any set.

When you choose NetBet Sport, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality sports and markets. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at NetBet, player wellbeing is our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.