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Biggest events for betting on Baseball


Here at NetBet, we’ve got a whole load of great markets for sports betting, and we offer some of the best Baseball odds around. We don’t just take bets on individual matches; we offer online betting on plenty of deeper markets on our UK betting site. If you want to place any sports bet, here’s a quick guide on how exactly you should go about it. 

Biggest Betting Events in Baseball

World Series

Everyone who has ever picked up a baseball bat would have dreamt about winning the World Series. Baseball’s World Series determines the champion of the season and is the most prestigious league in the world. More than 160 games are played by the teams that compete in the World Series. The Commissioner’s Trophy is presented to the team with the most wins in the MLB in a best-of-seven playoff.

Premier12 World Championship

An annual event sanctioned by the World Baseball Softball Confederation, the Premier 12 World Championship is relatively new to International Baseball. This event features 12 of the highest-ranked baseball teams in the world and is conducted every four years.

Nippon Professional Baseball

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) is the most popular baseball event in the world, second only to Major League Baseball (MLB) in terms of quality and prestige. It involves 12 baseball teams that compete against each other in 146 games (six a week) throughout the season. Central and Pacific leagues are the two main divisions. Seasons begin in late March or early April and end in October.

Japan Series

National baseball championships in Japan are decided by the Japan Series. Each year the winners of the Central League and Pacific League play in the Japan Series, which is a seven-game championship. The final usually takes place in late October or early November.  

Best Bets in Baseball


Moneyline is the simplest bet type available for baseball. In such bets, all you have to do is place a bet on the team you think will end up winning the game.

Most Popular Bets in Baseball

Run Lines

One kind of point spread or handicap bet in Baseball is the “run line.” The underdog’s extra runs can be used to even the odds in this type of wager. Consider a run line of 1.5 for Team A. If you bet on Team B, they must win by at least 2 runs to win. Even if Team A loses or wins by one run, your bet still wins.


With this bet, you may wager on the total number of runs you think will be scored in a baseball game. Bets are placed on whether or not the final run total will exceed or fall below a certain figure. If the over/under is set at 8, both teams will need to score at least nine runs to cover the over and no more than seven runs to cover the under. For example, if you bet on over and the final score is 4–5, you will win the bet.

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