The Monaco Grand Prix – Top 5 F1 crashes

Fast cars, barriers, twists and turns. What can possibly go wrong?

Before we get on with it, here are some honorable mentions:

And if your appetite for crashes was not satisfied, we bet these 5 will do. Here is our selection of the most spectacular Monaco Grand Prix crashes of all time.

No. 5

Starting with this 1985 crash where Patrese tries my turn 1 move on the PlayStation. Unsurprisingly it ends in tears.

No. 4

1986 – Patrick Tambay and Martin Brundle doing an Iron Man 2 scene, before it was cool.

No. 3

1980 – Derek Daly crashes out. The crash was so violent that it changed the car from red to blue. Or maybe it’s just an old recording, we’ll never know.

No. 2

1991- Alex Caffi does the split way before Jean Claude van Damme.

No. 1

1987 – Christian Danner vs Michele Alboreto directed by Michael Bay.

What’s your favourite?