Formula 1 – Baku City Circuit – First Onboard Video

Every once in a while we get a new circuit included into the F1 calendar. At first it gets good reviews, then the racing happens, fans turn to social media to express their anger and more often than not, the new circuit it gets dropped after 2 or 3 years. Remember South Korea and India? Of course you don’t. Will Baku City Circuit be an exception? Meh..

So how bad it is?

This looks like Monaco on steroids. There are 2 spots for overtaking and the rest of the lap is just dull: 90-left, 90-right and that insanely long straight will sucks if you don’t have a Mercedes engine.

turn 7 turn 9

On the bright side, the bonkers combination of turns 8 to 11 will produce at least a red flag during the race and many incidents during the weekend (I’m looking at you Max Verstappen).

Congratulations to Mercedes for another 1-2. At least we have the 24hrs of LeMans that very same weekend. Phew!