Lewis Hamilton asks fans to create his next helmet-Instagram delivers

At the end of last week, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton announced a competition on Instagram, where fans could design his racing helmet for the upcoming season.

We’ve picked out a few of the entries so far.

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With the face of Pastor Maldonado on the side of the helmet, wouldn’t that cause some confusion?

A case of less is more and has a nice subtle touch, but would Hamilton want to drive around with the word “Nico” on his helmet?

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There’s a lot going on with this design and what are the abstract scribbles on the jaw?

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Health and safety might have something to say…

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He’s paid enough already, but he might have to be paid a bit more to wear this one!

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The image of the dog is sure to scare any drivers that are stuck behind him.

This is a good one, best of the bunch so far, a good tribute to Hamilton.

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Simply terrifying!

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Formula One is all about glitz and glamour; this could be Hamilton’s designer option.