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The Ghosts of Las Vegas

Las Vegas

With a colourful history, more than a few Las Vegas ghost stories have popped up over the years. From catastrophes, tragic deaths, and mob murders, there may be spirits in Sin City that didn’t see death as the end. If you’re planning a trip in the next few days, be sure to stop at some of these spooky sights. You can play slots anytime, but Halloween only comes once a year!


Bally’s Casino and Hotel

Bally’s itself has not seen tragedy, but the same can’t be said of the MGM Grand that stood on the site until it burnt down in 1980. 85 people lost their lives that night as they were trapped in smoke-filled stairwells and it remains one of the greatest losses of life in a hotel fire in American history. Today, guests and employees have seen groups of ghosts who walk around the upper floors, where the majority of the deaths happened.



The Flamingo is one of the longest running casinos and is a jewel on the Las Vegas strip. It may look glittery and bright from the outside, but it does have a shadowy past with its founder, Bugsy Siegel, who was an infamous mobster. In 1947, Siegel met his end at the barrel of a gun. Someone who was instrumental in making Las Vegas the gambling capital it is today is not likely to leave their work behind them in a hurry. Sightings of Siegel continue to be reported, with the pool and the Presidential suite being the most common haunts. Cleaning staff have been known to quit without notice after coming face to face with the spirit of the formidable gangster.


The Venetian and Madame Tussauds

The Venetian was not the first hotel on this site, which used to be where The Sands stood. The Sands was the centre of Las Vegas high life in its prime, with the Copa Room attracting acts like The Rat Pack and Dean Martin. Since The Sands was knocked down in 1996 and the Venetian was built it its place, there have been reports of odd goings on, particularly in the wax museum on site. Most famously, an employee once heard music as she was closing up the museum and swears it was Elvis Presley singing.


Las Vegas Hilton

Talking about the ghost of Elvis, the singer has been said to posthumously visit the Westgate, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton. He spent the last few years of his life frequenting the hotel and it seems he never left the building, even after death. He has been seen around his favourite spots in the hotel; the showroom, the upper floor hallways, and the elevator leading to the green room. 


The Haunted Museum

Possibly the biggest collection of supposedly haunted, possessed, or mysterious items on the planet can be found in the heart of Las Vegas. Local resident and world-famous paranormal investigator, Zak Bagans, has been amassing his haunted artefacts since childhood and has put his life’s work on display in a large mansion said to be dogged by tales of hostile spirits and satanic rituals. Must-see pieces in the museum are the dybbuk box containing a demon and Peggy the Doll who has supposedly caused visitors’ nosebleeds, fainting fits, and even heart attacks. No wonder you have to sign a waiver at the beginning.