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Game Review of the Week: Starburst

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Starburst is one of our most explosive and exciting slots games at the moment, and has been for many years, so in honour of this eternally popular confectionery-meets-space themed game, we’re going to be taking a closer look with a complete review. We’ll cover a bit about the game rules, how to play, and what features are available.

Lift off in our spaceship, take a trip around the galaxy and explore the world of Starburst with this timeless slots game from NetEnt.

What is Starburst?

When we think about the most popular video slots games, Starburst is one of those classics that always comes to mind. Popular with players all over the world, Starburst combines two things that everyone loves: sweets and space. The graphics are beautiful, the colours vibrant but relaxing, and the speed of play is fast-paced so it’s hard to get bored.

Starburst was created by NetEnt and was first released in 2012. Since then, it has soared in popularity and become one of the staple casino slots games here at NetBet. Many competitors attempt to emulate the simple charm of Starburst, but nothing beats the original.

Let’s launch our spaceship and explore everything that Starburst has to offer…

How to Play Starburst

Starburst is simple and quick to play, and can provide hours of enjoyment wherever you are. The first thing you need to decide is how much you want to bet; there is a pre-set range of coin values, ranging from £0.01 to £1.00 per coin. You can bet a minimum of £0.01 and a maximum of £1.00.

There are 3 rows of 5 reels offering 10 betting lines to play on: simply choose your bet and start spinning – that’s all there is to it. Click or tap ‘MAX BET’ to automatically ramp things up to the highest level and get the game moving faster.

To make things even easier for yourself, you can select the ‘AUTOPLAY’ option – once you’ve chosen the number of rounds you want to play, let the game do the hard work and enjoy automated spins and maybe a few wins.

Access Starburst on your laptop or mobile device and get the same awesome graphics and fast gameplay wherever you are – just make sure you have an internet connection and plenty of charge on your device.

Starburst Bonus Features

As with any great slots game, Starburst has plenty of bonus features to keep your spins exciting.

The bonus feature that Starburst is best known and loved for is its signature Wilds. Wild symbols will appear on the second, third or fourth reel, stay fixed in place while the reels spin. This repeats with each re-spin until no new Wilds pop up. Re-spins give you more chances of winning your previous bet.

The Bottom Line

Starburst has many standout features – for one it formed the basis of many other video slot games we know and love today. With its smooth functions, attractive graphics and easy-to-follow rules, it’s a keeper for slots players new and old.

If you love playing online video slots that are fast-paced, have great visuals and can be accessed from any device you choose, Starburst is the one for you. For many people all around the world, Starburst may be the first slots game they ever try, so it’s a great introduction for beginners as well as a favourite with experienced players.

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