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5 BKB Fighters to Watch in 2020

2019 was a huge year for bare-knuckle boxing, and as the sport continues to soar in popularity and scale, we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store. Whether you’re new to the world of BKB, or you’ve been following with interest for years, here are five fighters who are tipped to make waves this year.

Check out the five BKB fighters to watch in 2020.

1: Rico Franco
Rico Franco mid-fight

Rico Franco has gone from a little-known Lincolnshire fighter to an iconic BKB champion in the space of just a few years. Since he exploded onto the bare-knuckle scene in 2016, Franco has gone from strength to strength while remaining humble and a good sport throughout, beating BKB veteran Jimmy Sweeney in the now legendary fight after six rounds in November 2019. Whatever the future holds for Rico, we can’t wait to watch it unfold.

2: Tony Lafferty
Tony Lafferty in the ring

From tough beginnings to an early foray into boxing at just 15 and 9 years of Army service, Stirling-born Tony Lafferty’s story inspires on many levels, and his grit and sheer determination has won him significant status within the BKB community. After his memorable victory against Ben Gumbrell at BKB 18, and his great sportsmanship against Smudger Smith in BKB 19, we have high hopes for this dedicated fighter in the year ahead.

3: Anthony Holmes
Anthony Holmes

Since Yorkshireman Anthony Holmes won the British lightweight title after his debut official BKB fight in 2019, we’ve had him marked out as a man to watch in upcoming events. The relative newcomer knocked down his opponent, Mason Shaw, in 4/5 of the rounds they fought. Now the New Year has come around, Holmes will want to hold on to this prestigious title and prove himself as more than a one hit wonder (no pun intended!)

4: Rob Boardman
Rob Boardman being interviewed after a fight

This super middleweight is another one to watch in 2020; Rob Boardman, also known as ‘The Great White’, debuted onto the boxing scene in 2007, and has proven himself time and time again as a professional boxer – both gloved and gloveless. Known as a great sportsman but a ferocious fighter, Boardman has beaten the likes of Martin Orsuliak, and we can tell 2020 is going to be a big year for him.

5: Daniel Lerwell
Daniel Lerwell

After a challenging start to the year, Lerwell defeated Dean Lewis and Jason Phillips, both in the second round, in Predator Fight Night events. Following this, he achieved what has been called ‘the knockout of the year’ by the official BKB website, in his win against CJ Mills. Poised to continue his winning streak, Lerwell’s year is set to be a big one.

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