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5 Casino & Gambling Superstitions

Whether you consider yourself a superstitious person or not, we all have our own beliefs and habits when it comes to feeling lucky. Whether it’s crossing your fingers or touching wood, even if you don’t believe in luck, the excitement of the casino can often bring out the superstitious side of the most down-to-earth person.

Interestingly, there are certain superstitions around gambling that have permeated our culture and that appear in casinos and gambling culture everywhere.

Here are 5 popular gambling superstitions that you may well come across in a Western casino.

1 – The Colour Red

Woman wearing red dress in casino

Traditionally, gambling fans believe that the colour red has a powerful effect on your casino performance. In Chinese custom, red is associated with wealth and prosperity – it has subsequently been associated with luck and winning in a gambling situation. For this reason, some betting enthusiasts choose to wear red when spinning the roulette wheel or playing poker.

2 – Lucky Number 7

Ball on number 7 of a roulette wheel

In many cultures, the number 7 is believed to have magical properties, and it appears this has trickled down into casinos. Many players consider 7 to be the luckiest number, so whether it’s betting on the number on a roulette wheel or certain versions of Blackjack, 7 is often considered a good choice of bet.

3 – Avoid Counting Money

Rain Man scene - Cruise & Hoffman counting money

Another superstition that is popular in casinos everywhere is the idea that counting money at the table is bad for your luck. It might be hard to resist the urge to check your winnings, but it can improve your relationship with fellow players (no one likes a show-off!), as well as supposedly improving your luck. The superstition comes from the idea that if you let pride be your focus, you’re more likely to experience a loss.

4 – $50 Bills Are a No-Go

Pile of $50 bills

This US superstition is surprisingly common among American players; you’ll find that many gamblers refuse to be paid or bet with 50 dollar bills. There are a few theories about where this superstition came from, but the most popular one is that $50 notes are associated with mobsters murdering people and leaving these bills in their pockets as a warning.

5 – Don’t Lend Money

Men handling money in a casino

Don’t let your kindness ruin your luck! Some casino enthusiasts believe that lending money to another player can damage your own chances of winning. The idea of being generous is of course not a bad one, but if you’re superstitious, giving away your cash in a casino can feel like tempting fate – many players therefore avoid being a bank to other players, and instead just focus on their own game.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick overview of some common gambling superstitions. Remember, gambling should only be used as a form of entertainment, and there really is no truth behind these ideas of bad luck and good. Whatever you believe, these superstitions are only a bit of fun to make play more interesting, and they shouldn’t be taken seriously.
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