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How to play the Roulette Wheel online?

Luckiest number roulette

Roulette is without a doubt one of the most successful games in all casinos. It is a thrilling way to go and have some fun, win some money and immerse yourself within the world of roulette. It is truly iconic!

The online version has also become a real favourite for players, especially here at NetBet. There are so many different adaptations of roulette at our NetBet Casino so we will give you the lowdown on how to play roulette in our casino:-

Roulette Wheel Game Online

There are two different wheels that can be used online; the European roulette wheel and the American roulette wheel. The only difference between the two is that the American one has an extra slot for a double zero.

The number goes from 1-36, with half of them black and half of them red with a single 0 in green. There are numerous ways to bet in roulette. You can choose a number, whether you go odds or evens, whether you pick black or red, sets of numbers or even go for 0!

Other ways to bet on Roulette

Inside Bets

These are a more intricate way to place a bet on roulette. Basically, all you need to do is place a chip, or chips, on the inside of the table. They can be in a row, adjoining numbers, four in a square or six numbers from two adjoining rows. The probability of winning on roulette by betting in this fashion means a lot more probability of winning, albeit in slightly smaller terms.

Outside Bets

These are bets outside of the board. So you can bet on different situations such as higher or lower than 18, red or black, evens or odds, dozens or columns. Basically this is a 50:50 chance of winning and is a real risk or reward way to play roulette.

Roulette wheel

How to beat the Online Roulette Wheel

For the beginner, it is vitally important to know about certain ways and strategies in beating the roulette wheel.

One popular strategy is the Martingale system and it is so easy to get a grasp of. You will start by betting on the outside bets on the lowest stake possible before you can keep doubling your winnings. It is a real safety first and easy way of playing.

Another variation is called the Paroli system. This system sees you double the stakes in roulette each time you win and reset to the original stake when you lose, with the aim of playing until you win three times in a row.

What is American Roulette like to play?

It is very similar to European roulette but the people who play this way may be used to playing in Las Vegas, where double-zero roulette is the most popular style of wheel. European roulette is often held back for high-stakes games in US casinos, so some people would have started out by playing American roulette instead and are certainly more used to that version.
However, for better odds, there is no doubt that the European version is better to play than its American counterpart!

So, if that piques your interest get yourself over to our fabulous NetBet Casino and treat yourself to our roulette games.