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What to Wear to a Casino – Outfit Ideas

What to wear to a casino ideas

Visiting a casino is an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first time. Whether you’re just visiting for the novelty, or you’re ready to smash the Blackjack tables like a pro, you’ll probably be wondering what to wear.

The clothes you don can really make a difference to a casino trip; you need to feel comfortable while wearing the correct attire for your chosen casino. Dress codes vary from one gambling establishment to another, but you can usually assume that casual dress is fine. However, some casinos require you to wear a smart dress before they’ll open the doors to you, so if you’re entering a more exclusive establishment or simply want to look your best as you spin the roulette wheel, here’s our quick guide on how to dress for a casino, with a few casino outfit ideas to choose from.

Traditional Casino Attire

Dress code for casino

When you look back at the depiction of casinos in popular culture, two different images of the gambler often crop up: the laid back Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops get-up of a holiday in Rio, or the classic tuxedo and evening dress attire seen in pretty much every Bond film. However, the typical look for a Western casino is usually the latter – black or white tie or at the very least smart casual. So, which look is right for you?

Well, the short answer is that it depends on you! If you’re visiting the casino for a special occasion, perhaps as part of a holiday or on a night out, you might want to spruce up a little just to enhance the experience. In the UK, casinos usually have an unspoken dress code of smart casual, so anything you would safely wear on a night out will probably fine, such as a shirt and jeans for men and a dress and heels for women. If in doubt, avoid trainers!

White Tie Versus Black Tie

White tie versus black tie

Feel like suiting up? Black tie and white tie are two popular looks for a special casino event, so what’s the difference between the two, and which should you choose for your trip to your chosen gambling establishment?

Black Tie

The less formal of the two; if you’re wondering what to wear to a casino for a glamorous evening, black tie is certainly a good bet. Black tie for men means a suit, featuring either a dinner jacket or a tuxedo and a black bow tie. For women, black tie means wearing a smart and elegant dress. Cocktail dresses can be worn under black tie ode, although longer dresses such as midi and floor-length are usually a safer bet.

White Tie

White tie is reserved for prestigious events, so you’re unlikely to wear this to the casino unless for a very special occasion. For men, white tie means wearing a dress jacket with tails, a white waistcoat and a white bow tie. For women it means wearing a floor-length dress (no shorter), jewellery, glamorous hair and probably makeup.

Realistically, you can wear whatever you want to a casino; unless you’re not dressed appropriately for a public appearance in general (we’re talking a Mr Blobby costume or the classic nothing-but-a-pair-of-cowboy-boots-and-pants look), it’s unlikely you’ll be turned away. However, if you want to look the part and feel confident in your gameplay, you may want to consider suiting up, slipping into some heels and channelling your inner Bond or Bond girl.

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