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The Best Riverboat Casinos in the World

What do you get when you combine a luxurious riverboat with a glittering casino? A riverboat casino of course! These floating gambling establishments allow their lucky customers to enjoy a game of poker or Blackjack while enjoying beautiful and ever-changing scenery wherever they harbour. Bored of the day’s view while onboard? You can simply roll those dice and see where the day takes you…

We’re going to take a little trip of our own down the river and take a look at some of the best riverboat casinos in the world.  Whether you’re planning a trip and would like to experience riverboat gambling, or you’re just curious about the unusual concept of a floating casino, here’s everything you need to know about this unique phenomenon.

What Is a Riverboat Casino?

Riverboat casinos are predominantly found along rivers in the United States. They were conceived in order to cut down on planning and construction time as well as licensing laws and regulations required when building a regular land-based casino. Casino riverboats soared in popularity in various states in the Midwest during the 20th Century as they provided gamblers with a loophole in the traditional law against land-based casinos, with some boats originally allowing gambling only when the boat was in transit (not ideal for those prone to seasickness!)

Today, the Mississippi river is well known for being home to some of the most impressive casino boats in the world, but there are plenty of spellbinding floating casinos from South America to Europe and beyond – let’s take a look at some of the best among them…

The Best Riverboat Casinos

riverboat casino in Buenos Aires

The Star of Fortune

This Buenos Aires-based riverboat casino is one of the most spectacular in the world, The Star of Fortune can be found moored in the lavish docks of Puerto Madero and boasts a stunning LED display that lights up the night sky. The floating casino houses more than 700 poker and Blackjack tables, roulette wheels and slot machines, as well as numerous bars and restaurants open 24/7 to keep its guests refreshed. If you’re looking for one of the best riverboat casino cruises, The Star of Fortune should be your first port of call!

Mississippi Belle II

Head to the Midwest to experience the birthplace of casino boats – the Mississippi Belle II is based on the traditional riverboats of the 20th Century, featuring the classic red-and-white paddle-wheel design. The charming boat not only hosts a huge array of different casino games including poker, Blackjack, craps and Blackjack tables, but it is also known for its generous all-you-can-eat buffet, giving customers a two-in-one casino and dining experience.

Treasure Chest Casino

This Louisiana-based riverboat casino is another classic floating casino offering from the USA. Packed with both classic casino games as well as a few Midwest-specific favourites such as Pai Gow poker and Mississippi Stud, in between games players can also enjoy the perfectly on-theme buffet which features locally-caught crayfish from the waters of Mississippi itself!

Casino Sunborn

Gibraltar is a haven for casino regulars who want to soak up the sun off the coast of Spain. Casino Sunborn is a self-proclaimed superyacht which houses not only a luxurious casino but a hotel, bars, restaurants, a gym and even a spa for unwinding in between casino sessions.

Embark on a casino riverboat cruise

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