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The Smallest Casinos in the World – Where to Find them?

Slots'a Fun is one of the smallest casinos in the world

Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find people being entertained at gambling establishments; besides the sprawling complexes of Las Vegas and Monaco, you’ll find many smaller venues offering a more intimate gambling environment.

Some of the smallest gambling destinations are also some of the most famous and unique, and are well worth a visit for the novelty and . Forget Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian Macau – here are the smallest casinos in the world for those who want a cosier casino experience.

Slots’a Fun

Our list begins with the smallest casino on the Las Vegas Strip: Slots’a Fun was built in 1971 and has been a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts ever since. What it lacks in size it makes up for in having a kitsch, retro-inspired look and a selection of classic arcade and slot games. There’s also a bar where you can grab refreshments and a bowling alley for those who want a break from spinning the reels.

North Cadbury Court

North Cadbury Court casino experience

Heading back across the Atlantic, in the rolling green hills of Somerset are home to a little known yet prestigious casino at Cadbury Court. This sprawling country estate is a popular venue for weddings, and in the cellar you’ll find one of the most exclusive casinos in the world. With a max capacity of 30 guests, this intimate casino is home to poker and Blackjack tables with the slickest croupiers in the business – the perfect destination or those who want a luxurious and traditional casino experience on a small scale.

Grosvenor Cab Casino

The smallest casino in the world: Grosvenor cab casino

This short-lived venture gave us what is certainly the smallest possible casino in the world. To raise money for The Carers’ Trust, the Grosvenor Hotel in Birmingham ran a one-of-a-kind taxi service featuring a bar, card table and croupier inside one of London’s black cabs. The car also featured a TV screen showing sports – the ultimate on-the-go gambling experience, and surely the smallest casino to have ever existed?

Santa Ysabel Casino

Santa Ysabel Casino small casino

This tiny and now defunct casino was once a major attraction in Santa Ysabel, which you can find nestled in the dusty slopes near San Diego. The casino was about the same size as a small two-bed flat, and attracted a lot of visitors who wanted to enjoy a little flutter after a long hike in the mountains. The casino has since fallen into financial difficulties and the building reopened under a different business, but many still remember this quirky casino tucked away in the hills.

Palms Casino Goa

Palms Casino Goa is another tiny casino

One of the biggest attractions at Goa’s La Calypso Getaway resort is the Palms Casino, which offers a fun and intimate casino experience for every guest lucky enough to grace Goa’s shores. The gorgeous setting in this Southwest India state is reason enough for a visit, although the 7 roulette tables and wide choice of slot games will also be a draw for those who love a spot of gambling while abroad.

Deltin Royale

Inside the Deltin Royale casino boat

Casino boats are a long-standing loophole to get around gambling regulations, and the Deltin Royale, a floating casino in Goa’s Mandovi river, offers more than just a escape from legal penalties. This luxurious cruise ship can ferry players into international waters where there are no laws against gambling; aboard you’ll find a huge selection of casino games such as poker, Blackjack and Baccarat tables, roulette wheels and electronic machines, all neatly packed into a comfortable boat.

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