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Our Guide to Picking a Grand National Winner

Choosing who to back at the Grand National isn’t an easy task. With 40 horses and countless variables to consider, even racing experts are known to make the decision based on a feeling rather than logic.

The challenging course is the most valuable steeplechase in the whole of Europe, attracting only the most experienced stayers from the best trainers in the business.

As they say, ‘anyone can win a Grand National’, so, here at NetBet, we’ve created a simple guide for sports betting fans on how to pick your winning horse at the iconic race, this year and every year.

Use Reliable Betting Tips

Visiting a respected bookies is your first port of call when choosing a Grand National winner. NetBet Sport offers the most up-to-date horse racing odds and betting tips for all major horse racing events, including the prestigious Grand National. Stay up to date with the latest horse racing news and enjoy competitive odds on all 40 runners.

Avoid the Favourite

The superstitious might do well to steer clear of the favourite in the Grand National. Since the race resumed after World War II (with the exception of the void race in 1993) the favourite has only claimed the title 10 times in more than eight decades, and there have been 37 races in which they didn’t even complete the course.

Age *Isn’t* Just a Number

When it comes to the Grand National, age matters, as it’s the older runners who tend to claim the title. When picking a winner, it makes sense to choose a horse between eight and 11 years old – the age range of winners from the past 20 years.

Going the Distance

The Grand National is a marathon, not a sprint, and has been described many times as ‘gruelling’. At over four miles long, it’s safe to assume that the horses better suited are those who have form running longer distances. We advise choosing a horse with experience covering races of three miles or more, including those who have previously entered the Grand National.

Brits Know Best

Barring a few standout international winners, British-trained horses have enjoyed great success in the Grand National over the years. When choosing a winner, going British is a sensible bet for this race.

By the Numbers

Do you have a favourite number? 23% of Brits choose theirs according to their birthdays, and many use this when picking their horse. Your favourite number is as good a guide as any when picking a Grand National winner and makes for an easy decision on where to put your money.

It’s Just A Feeling

To a certain extent, the Grand National is anyone’s game, as even the most well-informed bookmaker can’t definitively call a winner. Sometimes even the most in-depth knowledge of form and stats doesn’t pay off, so many simply choose to back the horse they like the look of. So whether you’re a fan of the jockey or you just like the sound of the horse’s name, sometimes a feeling is all you need.

When you choose NetBet Sport, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality sports and markets. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at NetBet, player wellbeing is our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.