Champions League Money – How is it distributed?

€1.3 billion will be shared amongst the clubs participating in the 2016/17 Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup and we explain how the money will be distributed, from the first qualifying round to the winners.

06-08-2016 - Champions League Infographic - Spend

How the money is shared out for teams in the Champions League

Fixed Amounts (€761.9 million)

– €12.7m – Basic allocation for each club who participate in the Group Stage
– €1.5m – Performance bonus per group win.
– €500,000 – Performance bonus per group draw.
– €6m – Round of 16 appearance.
– €6.5m – Quarter Final appearance.
– €7.5m – Semi Final appearance.
– €11m – Runners Up.
– €15.5m – Winners.

The most that a team could win through the Champions League is €57.2m, not including their market pool share. In contrast, Aston Villa, who finished bottom of the 2015/16 Premier League, pocketed £66 million.

UEFA Super Cup

Real Madrid received €4 million from their victory in the Super Cup earlier this season, whilst runners up Sevilla claimed €3 million.

Play-Off Round

Clubs who qualify for the play-off round share a sum of €50m. Each winner receives €2m, whilst each eliminated club receives €3m.

Market Pool

Approximately €507 million will be distributed in a proportional manner to each television market represented by the participating clubs in the Champions League.

Solidarity Payments

In a new distribution system for this year’s tournament, the pot for payments to participating clubs in the Champions League and Europa League qualifying rounds will be equal to 3.5% of the overall gross revenue. €2.35 billion is predicted in overall revenue, with €82.2 million distributed to the clubs in both competitions with the teams defeated in Champions League qualifying receiving the following amounts.
– €220,000 – First Qualifying Round
– €320,000 – Second Qualifying Round
– €420,000 – Third Qualifying Round

Words by @DominicTrant