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So Many Ways To Be A Queen: Remembering The Queen’s Ascension With NetBet

We’ll be celebrating her coronation in June, but 66 years ago today Queen Elizabeth II ascended to her title and we remember our own queens here at NetBet.

The country, if not the world, is looking forward to June 2nd this year as we prepare to celebrate the 65th anniversary of The Queen’s coronation. But today marks the day she succeeded her father, King George VI, in 1952 and became Queen of the United Kingdom overnight. She was just 25-years-old at the time and would go on to be the UK’s longest reigning monarch. At NetBet we aren’t short of queenly representation in our large range of slots, so have a browse through this selection to see if there is a queen out there for you.

Delve into the icy world of the Crystal Queen and into a slot game with a difference. Play on an extra big slot grid where the pay symbols tumble into place rather than spin on reels. Each game starts with half the grid frozen out with each time you spin a winner, a line thaws and the winning symbols are cleared from the grid as you unlock multipliers. The Crystal Queen is the highest paying symbol and landing her on a 6×5 grid along 56 paylines is a sure way to achieving those big wins with Free Spins bonuses and Spreading Wilds helping you get there.

Or let’s go to a world of a different queen altogether and visit the mysterious club of the Burlesque Queen, where a glamourous cast of characters wait for you. It’s a small kingdom and the stage is her palace, but the Burlesque Queen rules over it all with grace and poise. On the reels, the intrepid photographer, the muscle on the door and the dedicated waiter all make up the paying symbols with the other show girls appearing as the wilds. Spin the Burlesque Queen Bonus and you’ll be taken to her dressing room to pick multipliers and free spins from the items on her vanity table.

Rivalled only by our own current Queen, the most famous ruler in history is Cleopatra who has absolute reign in Queen of Gold. There are lots of features to keep boosting your wins with a multiplier wheel and the pyramid bonus spins. Try and get the Cleopatra symbols in the centre if the grid to level up the multiplier reel and receive even bigger boosts to your wins. Build up your winnings with the gods, Anubis and Horus, and with King Tutankhamun representing the wild symbols.

Step through the looking glass, just as Alice did, to see the war between the Red Queen and the White Queen in Clash of Queens. You’ll be able to play on 25 paylines with Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty and the Queens themselves making an appearance on the pay symbols. If you trigger the Clash of Queens bonus, you get to select a side and hope your queen wins on the huge chess board. If she does you can select a mystery bonus to enhance the play features. If you want to read about more Alice in Wonderland themed slots, click here.

We love queens of all kinds and are looking forward to seeing which of these interesting characters becomes your favourite this week.

With two weddings and a landmark anniversary, 2018 is looking to be a big year for our own royal family and all of us here at NetBet will celebrate every step of the way.

Words by Rebecca Wood