Everything You Need to Know About Ole Gunnar Solskjær – Manchester United’s New Manager

Ole Gunnar Solskjær was appointed Manchester United manager on an interim basis in December last year and it has just been announced that he has been offered the position on a three-year contract. Given that his first 12 games as manager were all wins, it’s not a total surprise. Reaction to Solskjær’s appointment has been overwhelmingly positive but, in case you don’t know much about United’s new manager, here are a few key pointers to get you up to speed.

A Man of Many Titles

Solskjær played for United for more than ten years, moving onto coaching after he retired from playing, and was nicknamed “the super sub” due to often coming off the bench near the end of a match to score – he ended up substituting 80 times during his time with the club. He has also been named “the baby-faced assassin” due to his youthful appearance even at the age of 46.

Hat-Tricks Are Just Too Easy

Solskjær’s record as “the super sub” wasn’t given lightly. His all-time record is nothing short of astonishing – while playing for Manchester United against Nottingham Forest in 1999, he shocked spectators by scoring an incredible four goals in just twelve minutes. Even that pales in comparison to his personal best – fourteen goals during an indoor tournament while playing for his first club Clausenengen. Ever modest, he insists that it was all down to the support of his teammates.

Football Legions : Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 4 goals in 10 minutes vs Nottingham Forest

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A Knight of (another) Realm

Norwegian by birth, Solskjær was knighted by his country’s king Harald V in 2008 for services to sport – becoming the youngest ever person to be knighted in his country – and has been presented with plaudits such as the prestigious Peer Gynt Prize for both sport and social achievements. Solskjær continues to supervise a training academy for young football players in his home town.

A Discerning Manager

Not long after his retirement and taking up a position as a coach with United, Solskjær was offered the chance to manage the Norwegian national football team. But after being advised by Alex Ferguson that “you can do that when you’re 50” he ultimately chose not to take the job, saying that it was too soon.

A Coach with His Own Theme

United fans have warmed to Solskjær so much they’ve come up with a song, titled “Ole’s at the Wheel” (sung to the tune of Waterfall by the Stone Roses) which has become his signature jingle. You can give it a listen here.

Still A Way to Go

Despite an unambiguously successful career, Solskjær admitted in 2006 that he is still not his son Noah’s favourite player – instead, he preferred Wayne Rooney. D’oh!