Ten Underrated Premier League Players

There’s only so much glory to go around. After all, when looking back over history you tend to remember who scored – not who set the goal up. Over the years many good players have been unfairly overlooked, not because they were bad – but mostly just because others were better. So rather than let that happen this season, we’re going to nominate all the players who deserve more attention.

Ashley Westwood

An often-overlooked name due to Burnley’s steady but generally adequate record, Westwood has a solid reputation for being a valuable passer. While glamour and excitement might not be words that immediately spring to mind upon hearing his name, Westwood is a player whose role on the team must be undervalued.

Granit Xhaka

Xhaka’s playstyle has often been noted for being inconsistent, with fans split over whether he has untapped potential or whether he’s simply average with occasional flashes of brilliance. Whatever the case, his record has been a good one – not exceptional, but not terrible – and he’s a player Arsenal should keep investing in for the future.

Nacho Monreal

Having played for Arsenal for six years as a left-back, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Monreal has faded into the background somewhat. But slow and steady sometimes wins the race. Rarely coming into the limelight, his performance has been strong and capable, with very few flaws. It’s players like Monreal who form the backbone of solid teams, and while their presence might not always be lauded their absence would certainly be noticed.

Alex Iwobi

At 22, Iwobi is far from being a master of his craft, but the Arsenal midfielder has shown a definite improvement from last season. His statistics have remained largely the same, but it’s evident from his technique that he’s on the up. He’s still got a way to go before anyone would consider him a star player, but he’s already showing signs of getting there.

Victor Lindelof

Despite an uninspiring start, Lindelof has improved measurably since then, especially since the departure of Jose Mourinho and the new arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The defender has performed admirably in most of the games he has played in, as proven by Manchester United’s strong defensive performance. One to watch for sure.

Andre Gomes

Since joining Everton Gomes’ performance has been consistently good, a clear improvement from his time at Barcelona. His performance has been steady and notably composed, and since his arrival Everton have won three times, so it would seem it was a good decision. It might be some time before he truly reaches a great height, but it’ll be enjoyable to watch as it happens.

Declan Rice

A consistently good but not outstanding record has led many to overlook Rice, who plays midfield for West Ham, but his technique has been impeccable and his capable method of supporting teammates proves that this player shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s scored one goal for the club so far but it’s to be hoped that there’ll be more.

Ryan Fraser

Aged 24, Fraser has put in a very strong record for AFC Bournemouth that some may not have noticed. He’s most notable for being a frequent assist provider who has provided many key passes and, perhaps because of this, has not been the most recognised player on the team. However, his time in the limelight may yet come.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

While Southampton’s performance in 2018 was generally rather limp, Hojbjerg has managed to improve his overall record. A reliable midfielder, his personal statistics have risen impressively, with his number of shots per game more than doubling since the last season. Hopefully, good things are to come for Hojbjerg – keep an eye on him.

Pascal Gross

Gross was signed for Brighton and Hove Albion in the summer of 2018 and its safe to say that expectations from fans weren’t high. However, since then he’s established himself as a highly versatile midfielder and provided numerous assists. Notable for being a hard worker and a real team player, Gross is one to watch in future.