Five Players Real Madrid Should Sign This Season

Things have not been great for Real Madrid since losing Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s been a phenomenally underwhelming season for the club, but perhaps all they need to do is shake up their lineup. With that theory in mind, who could they sign to improve things? We’ve taken a look below at some of the likely contenders who might join Los Blancos this year.

Nicolas Tagliafico

If Real Madrid plan to ditch Marcelo, Tagliafico (currently playing for Ajax) would be the ideal replacement. The 26 year-old left-back distinguished himself during the Champions League and is currently riding high – he certainly won’t be a cheap purchase, but Los Blancos might well consider him a worthy investment.

Mauro Icardi

Icardi has pretty clearly been on the lookout for a move and his relationship with Inter Milan has noticeably soured lately, with him being bumped from the captaincy. He’s a consistent player with a decent record as a striker. All the stars seem to be in alignment. But why, then, did Real Madrid ultimately decide not to sign him? Well, if rumours are to be believed, the somewhat controversial behaviour of his wife Wanda Nara may have put them off, with bosses being reluctant to get involved with someone so prone to drama.

Mesut Ozil

Ozil spent three seasons with Real Madrid already between 2010 and 2013 before leaving for Arsenal, with many of his teammates unhappy about the decision. He has stuck with Arsenal since, but maybe it’s time for him to make a return – Arsenal have tried to transfer Ozil already without any luck. Despite Ozil firmly ruling out a departure from Arsenal this summer, there’s still a chance.

Matthijs de Ligt

At only 19 years old, De Ligt has far to go but has already shown huge potential. As Ajax’s second-youngest goal scorer, he won the Golden Boy award in 2018 and he’s now the team captain. De Ligt is one of the best centre-backs in European football at the moment, and Los Blancos would be wise to snap him up.

Alex Sandro

The most unlikely name on the list. It’s something of an open secret that Los Blancos have wanted Alex Sandro for their squad for a long while. Unfortunately, he recently signed a new contract with Juventus, tying him to the club until 2023 – but could he still make a move? Stranger things have happened and if they’re really keen to get him, they’ll find a way.