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Google Pay Has Arrived At NetBet Casino

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If you’ve ever placed a bet online, you’ll know how important it is to use a reliable payment system. Efficient, streamlined ways to manage your cash are essential for any betting website.

Here at NetBet, we’re excited to announce that Google Pay is now available as a payment option on our UK and Ireland sites. This adds to our already extensive choice of payment solutions, making it easier and quicker to deposit or withdraw funds in a way that suits you.

Here’s everything you need to know about Google Pay, its benefits and how to use it on NetBet Casino.


What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a revolutionary app which allows you to pay for things quickly and easily. Book tickets, pay for groceries, order takeaway, and make online deposits at your favourite online casino – all with just the tap of a button. The app syncs with your credit or debit card, connecting your phone directly to your bank account, so you can make payments in a matter of seconds.

Google Pay allows you to store event tickets and vouchers, as well as send and receive money to friends who are also registered to the app.

Google uses state-of-the-art encryption methods to protect your data at every stage of a payment transfer, so you can be sure your money and personal details are in safe hands. Your card number is never shared with third parties; instead, a temporary virtual account number to transfer the funds.

Google Pay is completely free to join – all you need is an Android device to support the app. Once you’ve downloaded it, your phone essentially becomes your bank card. Link your Google Pay account to your contactless card, and you’re ready to pay with a swipe of your thumb.


How to register your card to Google Pay


Google Pay for Gambling Benefits

NetBet is always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier, and to make betting and playing all our casino games a more enjoyable experience. That’s why we pride ourselves in being one of the few online casinos that take Google Pay: we understand how important it is to both keep your money safe and keep track of your spending, especially when it involves online betting.

If you’re looking for a reliable betting provider who accepts Google Pay online, you’ve come to the right place, and there are tons of benefits that make this option ideal for betting enthusiasts.

Google Pay allows you to make deposits and withdraw winnings with ease and peace of mind, so you can spend more time enjoying your favourite casino games with NetBet. Best of all, the service is 100% free, so there are no hidden costs to worry about.

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Google Pay Availability

Our Google Pay casino payment option is currently available on our UK and IE sites. The app itself is currently available in 28 different countries.

Wondering how to use Google Pay with NetBet? It’s easy: once you’ve installed the app on your Android phone, simply sync with your chosen payment method (you can use either your debit or credit card) and you’re ready to go!

Enjoy secure and straightforward betting on your favourite casino games, including poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, slot games and more with Google Pay from NetBet.