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The Best Goalkeepers in History

Arguably the most important position on the team, football would be a very different game if we didn’t have keepers around to defend the goals. In many...


What is an Each-Way Bet?

In our ongoing look at different kinds of betting methods, today we’re taking a look at each-way bets. One of the most common types of bets, it’s most...


What is a Handicap Bet?

In our continuing series of betting explanations, today we’re taking a look at Handicap bets. No, nothing to do with the Paralympic Games – instead, it’s...


10 of the Best Football Chants

What’s the best thing to do when you’re in the audience at a football match? Why, it’s singing along to a catchy tune, of course.

We’ve gathered some...


The Curse Of… Drake?

There is a great deal of superstition in sport. Kevin Keegan, for example, had to be the last guy in his kit before going onto the pitch before a game. He’d...